Neurological Surgery

Neurological Surgery

Although most often associated with brain surgery, neurosurgeons also diagnose and treat disorders spanning the entire nervous system. In addition to the brain, this system includes the spinal cord, spinal column and all the peripheral nerves that branch out through the entire body. Our neurosurgeons also treat disorders involving surgical pain management.

The nervous system gives us the power to sense pleasure or to suffer pain. When  injury or disease impairs the nervous system, pain usually results. Therefore, a neurosurgeon is also a pain specialist.

Mid-Atlantic Neurosurgical Associates provide a team of board-certified and fellowship trained surgeons who provide a full range of treatments for nervous system disorders from minimally invasive procedures to complex reconstructions with instrumentation. Our surgeons are experts in microsurgery, complex spine pathology, cranial and peripheral nerve disorders, cerebrovascular diseases and tumors.

While our surgeons are highly skilled in the latest technological breakthroughs in medical science, they remain dedicated to their founding principle of patient-focused care. The same hands that must be precise to the millimeter during complex surgery also provide a sensitive and compassionate touch throughout every stage of a patient's treatment.

Mid-Atlantic Neurosurgical Associates provide the following:

  • Microdiscetomy for ruptured discs
  • Fusions with instrumentation for poor alignment and instability
  • Nerve blocks and spinal joint injections for less disabling pain syndromes
  • Vertebroplasty for compression fractures related to osteoporosis or tumors

As experts on the human nervous system, Mid-Atlantic Neurosurgical Associates offer a wide range of therapies designed to alleviate pain and help its sufferers regain control of their lives. Our surgeons can perform a wide range of surgical procedures to alleviate pain throughout the body. When nerve damage cannot be repaired through standard surgery, less invasive surgical options like electronic stimulators and intrathecal pumps can be introduced to help patients manage their pain as needed.

Our surgeons employ the most advanced techniques in stereotactic procedures and frameless 3-D computer imaging to remove tumors while preserving the healthy tissue. The use of 3-D computer imaging dramatically enhances precision by providing the surgeon with several views of the brain in real time during surgery. The surgeon uses this information to navigate complex anatomy to reach deep-seated tumors and lesions, thus reducing risk by avoiding important structures, blood vessels and functional areas.

At Mid-Atlantic Neurosurgical Associates, our surgeons draw on their extensive experience to develop a tailored plan of care for the individual with any nerve disorder related to entrapments, trauma or tumor.